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liza jensen


A Bit About Me

World-wide traveler and New York based Liza Jensen is a problem solver. Her extreme sensitivity to sounds, her patience in listening, and a brilliantly creative mind allows for the unique ability to solve problems with a harp that were before unsolvable. Falling in love with the idea that what can be constructed can be deconstructed and then reconstructed fills her with the passion that fuels her desire to teach harpists of all ages the world over for their own empowerment towards the care of their instruments. In other words, to harness their own inner technician.

Liza is known as the Camac Expert in the USA and is Camac's International Technician.  In addition to her studio in Brooklyn, she maintains a busy schedule of tours throughout the United States, South America, Asia, Australia, Qatar – and anywhere in the world she’s called to go.

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