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What is a Harp Regulation?

What a Harp Technician Does

Due to the 2,000 pounds of pressure from the strings, the geometry of your harp changes throughout the wood elements. However, the mechanical and metal components stay the same, so it’s the harp technician’s job to adjust the mechanical elements of the harp to the changes of the wood’s geometry so they are in compatible harmony with each other.

Liza is an International Technician for Camac Harps. In addition to her studio in Brooklyn, she maintains a busy schedule of tours throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia, Qatar , Dubai and anywhere in the world she’s called to go. 

Other harp companies include  but are not limited to:

L&H, Salvi, Aoyama, Venus, Dusty Strings, pretty much whatever you have in store for her! Bring it on! 


Regulation Basics
Prepare your harp

1. Keep your harp in tune

2. Check your strings for 

     - dryness

     -wear marks

     - age

3. Change strings 2 weeks prior to appointment

4. Let tech know if you need any specific parts

     ( that you know of, broken disc, pedal caps, etc.)

5. For further specs, check out the Blog.


Scheduling a Regulation

Click here to view my regulation calendar to see when I will be in your area!  Be sure to fill out a regulation request form by simply clicking here!

You can also email me direct at, message me on Instagram at @lizaharpcentral or 

message me via FaceBook Messenger. Just look for me, Liza Jensen.

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